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Stress and its connection to Cancer and Chronic Illness

Feeling Stressed

Every day in Australia 360 people learn they have cancer. It goes without saying it’s a very stressful time. Stress as a cause of Cancer has mixed results. Some very large studies, which have followed thousands of people over time, have found that stress does increase risk of cancer, while other similar studies have not. In reality, it is likely that it is a mix of factors that influence risk with the most known being smoking, alcohol and overeating.

Most recently Australian Scientists published reports how exposure to chronic stress on mice activates a set of physiological changes not only increases the number of lymphatic vessels draining from the tumour, but increases the flow in existing vessels. Stress acts as a "fertiliser" for cancer, helping it to spread through the body's lymphatic system. (Article published Nature Communications 2016 and Mar 2016)

Exploring complementary therapies that reduce the levels of stress play a big part in reducing the spread of cancer throughout the body.

Geraldine Zadkiel founder of Heart Connection is focussed on creating Emotional and Mental Health and Wellbeing in our community, reducing the effects chronic stress has on the body. Cancer, like so many others, has touched her family and she is passionate about the connection between ongoing stress and illness in the body. Services provided include Kinesiology, Massage and Meditation all work together to reduce your stress levels.

What is Kinesiology? Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being. Originating in the 1970’s, it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional,,mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and accessing the life enhancing potential within the individual." (Definition approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association 1999.) Kinesiology works with the subconscious to identify and clear stress patterns causing disharmony. This in turn reduces stress and changes the outcome.

Working in conjunction with your medical treatments reducing your stress levels and emotional triggers can assist in the healing process and can also be a preventative for the spread of any future cancer. Complementary Therapies to reduce stress levels and enhance emotional wellbeing is not a replacement for your medical treatments, it is complementary to a positive outcome

Geraldine Zadkiel at Heart Connection who has been working as a Kinesiologist for over 8 years (previously from Melbourne), “states she has seen time and time again the effects emotional stress has on the body. The mind-body connection to physical illness is evident in her clients and the benefits to the health and wellbeing, when this stress is reduced or cleared for many has provided a path for holistic healing, many times the pain they previously experienced does not return.” She has worked with all types of pain in the body including those suffering from MS, Chronic Fatigue, Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain ie Frozen Shoulder, Bursitis.

Geraldine offers 3 day Mindfulness and Meditation Retreats where she teaches practical tools to calm your busy mind, to work with emotional triggers and how to implement mindfulness and meditation easily into your day to day activities.

To join Geraldine Zadkiel at her 3 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat contact her on 0418 336 482 or visit


Local people in our community share their experience of Kinesiology and the mind-body connection to stress. (names have been changed to protect the privacy)

John (local business owner) shares his experience - “I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in February 2014, this obviously, caused me great concern, including emotional stress, adding to the stress levels, normal with running a small business. Physically, the decisions to be made were hard enough, do I have surgery and what course of action would I take.I had been to see Geraldine at Heart Connection, previously for physical injuries, so I spoke to her about helping me with coping with the cancer. I had several Kinesiology sessions with Geraldine, each time she was able to release emotional build up I had been holding on to for many years and together with my Doctor’s non-invasive medical treatment over a period of 12-15 months, I am now clear of cancer. Geraldine has played a major part, in the helping me cope during my medical treatment, and I genuinely believe that Geraldine and her Kinesiology methods contributed to my recovery. I have been to see Geraldine several times over the past 12 months, for other issues, including helping me to recover from a serious motoring incident 8 moths ago. Geraldine has released many emotional issues for me, and has allowed me to see and live my life in a more positive way, for which I will be eternally grateful”

Sally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her mid 30’s had her life turned upside down. Sally shares “Kinesiology is complementary to following a medical treatment plan and healthy lifestyle. There is no magic pill or wand in life and our health. I had experienced Kinesiology previously first coming across it in 2002. Geraldine is a guru of Kinesiology and the easiest way to explain what she does is this ‘when you know that you have done everything possible to reach a goal, and you feel blocked or begin self-sabotaging. Kinesiology taps into the subconscious and allows clearing of this blockage’, which in turn reduces stress on the body, mind and soul. My body became a beacon for stress, it felt like a flashing neon sign when something triggered stress. Since working with Geraldine over 2 years period in conjunction to the medical treatment plan I have no symptoms of MS, my lesions have reduced. I was told I may require pain killers and nerve pain medication long term (11 tablets a day). I am also pleased to report I am no longer on the nerve pain medication or pain killers, just injections”

Claire reported “I have found that complimentary therapies such as meditation and visualisation techniques play a significant role when it comes to nurturing my spiritual and emotional bodies. For me personally, these were also tantamount to the conventional treatment I received during my battle with breast cancer a few years ago”

Local medical practitioners are now referring patients for Meditation Groups and Retreats.

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