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Sandy Beach


Amazing massage, I felt relaxed and uplifted, such a lovely spirit Jane 2022

I had the KaHuna massage with Geraldine and it was absolute bliss! I walked in feeling exhausted and left feeling light, inspired and energised. Such a special healing massage. Highly recommend!  Elise 2022

I had a lovely massage from Geraldine, she is definitely a very gifted and intuitive person.  Ange 2017

I met Geraldine by chance in early November 2015. I was in Port Stephen's traveling from Melbourne and we organized a time for a HaHuna massage. I have been to many places in Melbourne and the massage I had with Geraldine, hand on heart, was the best I'd had in a long time. Thanks, Geraldine a truly spiritual exerience. 

Pregnancy Massage
When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby I felt I wasn't taking care of myself as I had done with my first pregnancy - I was busy with my work and my toddler. Geraldine helped me relax, leave the stresses at the door and connect with my baby for the first time. I had terrible pressure pain from the baby and I felt instant relief after my massage and for the days following. Geraldine was very genuine in her caring of me and made me and my baby feel very safe. I would highly recommend Geraldine for pregnancy massage 100%.  2016

Chronic Pain with Massage
Very Highly Recommended!!! For many years I had lived with a dull ache in my right shoulder blade. I had tried a number of different treatments from Massage Therapists and Chiropractors and got no lasting results until I had a Kahuna massage session with Geraldine around twelve months ago. The pain went away almost immediately and has not returned. Tim Rowe, 2015​


I attended an empowering women’s workshop at Riverwood downs with Geraldine Zadkiel from Heart Connections. We got to know our minds, released suppressed emotions, and learned how to love ourselves and make connections. My favorite topic was the 5 love languages. This was my biggest take away from today and how I can better understand what others need in order to feel loved. Whether it be my husband, children, family or friends. We all feel love differently and need our love bucket filled in different ways.

I found it really insightful into how we can manage our emotions and relationships. Often we turn to counseling where we “dump” out all our emotions but don’t actually get given ways to deal with what’s bothering us. But after this retreat, I feel empowered to build stronger relationships and learnt ways to give and receive love and release emotional triggers.

Thank you so much for this empowering women’s retreat Geraldine. Xxx. Kelly 2021


​Do not suffer any more.....

Clearing Emotional Triggers
Thank you for tapping in and helping me heal some old past wounds and experiences that were still present in my body and having a negative effect in my life. I can honestly say that a bag of weight has lifted from my shoulders and I feel more positive in my outlook in life and have a better understanding on how to deal with people and their triggers. I would highly recommend Geraldine to anyone that needs some emotional support and healing. Thank you and see you again in the near future.  Paul 2022

Unresolved Past Trauma
I recently had a consultant and treatment with Geraldine. I have to say I do feel lighter and clearer since then, she is very professional, kind and skilled at unearthing & helping work through unresolved past experiences and clearing. I shall do another session in 2 weeks to continue the process. I would happily recommend for those into this type of emotional work. Alison 2022

I knew that I needed to cut the ties of false beliefs and be free from their ingrained responses and consequent sadness in my life. I opportunistically “found” Geraldine and experienced a dynamic and profound treatment with her. It was extraordinary. She is a rare find in healers - authentic, unafraid, and compassionate. The effects for me have been nothing short of transformational. Deeply grateful. Lyn 2022

Lighter and Calmer
After only my 1st session with Geraldine I can honestly say I left feeling so much better, lighter, and calmer & I believe this lady taps into the real issues, really knows her stuff & is also a very lovely person whom I felt genuinely cared about me & what I needed. I will be a repeat client !!! ❤️. Sharon 2022

Safe Space
Put simply, Geraldine is AMAZING. Her beautiful, inviting space had me feeling safe and comfortable and with each session my self confidence has grown so much stronger. Professional, kind-hearted, and genuine - I highly recommended Heart Connection.  Sam 2022

I’ve had a few kinesiology sessions now with Geraldine. My work was creating a high-stress load and we worked through that. I would recommend Heart Connection Kinesiology to anyone. Jason 2022

Online Energy Healing
I have been to see Geraldine for Kinesiology a couple of times now and recently with the social distancing we are experiencing I was uncertain about how to continue working on my Anxiety which was heightened due to all the changes and uncertainty. I was skeptical at first about Online Energy Healing however during the session I experienced and felt the changes occurring within me and was able to shift the overthinking, the emotional triggers being activated and now feel confident to move into the future no matter what happens. Thank you Geraldine" Sue 2021  


Geraldine from heart connection is absolutely amazing!  I have had kinesiology and a massage done by her and I walked out feeling both times, so lifted and free.  Kinesiology cleared my thought patterns and brought more positive vibes into my life.  I am so grateful for Geraldine and her beautiful business.
Highly recommend it, I’ll be back for sure.  Erin 2021

I've known Geraldine for several years now and she with Heart Connection has helped me to overcome challenging times with Kinesiology being a great tool for bringing me to a better understanding of my situation and neutralizing bad energy and negativity.   Having new tools for centering myself dealing with depression and anxiety as well as physical pain among others problems I've faced, I'm on a new path to living without those challenges.  Piere 2020

Stress Management
I have had Kinesiology sessions with Geraldine and have also attended a Mindfulness and Meditation retreat. The sessions have taught me some great techniques for stress management. The retreat was wonderful. I felt like I learned so much in a fun, support environment. Gerladine is the ultimate guide- so knowledgable, funny, kind and happy to share her own real life experiences. She is a valuable human resource! I highly recommend her services.  Amy 2020

When our grandson returned from 6 months of living and working in Sydney his anxiety levels were sky high and he was very depressed. We were very concerned about him and his future. Knowing how wonderful Geraldine’s treatments are, I asked our grandson if he would like to go and see her. We’re so pleased he did because after the first treatment we could see a dramatic, positive difference in him and after the second treatment he’s back to his normal happy, cheerful, lovely self. The earlier core issues are dealt with the better. Thanks again Geraldine. !”  2021

I am so thankful to have met this beautiful lady Geraldine! The amazing healing gift that i received has opened of my mind, heart and all. I thank you ever so much for the help that you gave to me! xxx. Holly 2019

feel so honored to have had a session with Geraldine. I can’t believe the profound effect a 1-hour session has had. I am in total disbelief how much change in myself has come from one session. Thank you, Geraldine Jasmine 2018

I am forever grateful to this beautiful woman and her incredible healing gifts. Gez is always my 'go-to' when an area of my life is falling apart and I can't get on top of it. Whether it's emotional, physical, mental, business, family, health, or spiritual related, Gez's kinesiology sessions are my ultimate savior - EVERYTIME. The relief and turn around is truly magic. Thank you for helping me, and thank you for the way in which you share your incredible healing gifts. So much love and gratitude, Kylie xoxox 2017

Stress Relief
Kinesiology is so good for stress to relief!! Highly Recommended!! Nicolina 2017

  I cannot recommend Geraldine's services highly enough and have referred many friends to her who have also experienced similar results. My most recent experience with Geraldine was after suffering the loss of a close friend. I wasn't coping emotionally and Geraldine has managed to balance out the feelings to a more normal level which I can't thank her enough for.  Anita, 2017

Frozen Shoulder
My first experience with Kinesiology was with a Frozen Shoulder and after two sessions I felt so much better physically and emotionally and I haven’t had the problem with my shoulder since. Anita, 2017

I was struggling with the pain of Bursitis of the left ankle for many months.  At my last visit to the doctor I was told that the only option now was to have cortisone injections, this was not what I wanted. I then decided to see Geraldine Zadkiel for Kinesiology after hearing about other people’s positive experiences. Within the first week of having my treatment, the pain in my ankle had eased considerably & my emotional state had improved. After another week had passed I was pain free & the helplessness and frustration that I had been consumed with were gone, I felt relief and happiness.  2 years on I am now physically fitter & more active – I’ve even gone back to playing hockey!  So without hesitation anytime I start to feel stressed, physically or emotionally, I will go and see Geraldine for a kinesiology treatment to help keep me balanced because your physical and emotional state is everything. ”I was skeptical at first but I am now converted, I don't know how to explain what happened but I am amazed at how it all linked together and that Geraldine knew things.   Oonagh, 2017

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in February 2014, this obviously, caused me great concern, including emotional stress, adding to the stress levels, normal with running a small business. Physically, the decisions to be made were hard enough, do I have surgery and what course of action would I take. I had been to see Geraldine at Heart Connection previously for physical injuries so I spoke to her about helping me with coping with the cancer.  I had several Kinesiology sessions with Geraldine, each time she was able to release emotional build up I had been holding on to for many years and together with my Doctor’s non-invasive medical treatment over a period of 12-15 months I am now clear of cancer. Geraldine has played a major part in helping me cope during my medical treatment and I genuinely believe that Geraldine and her Kinesiology methods contributed to my recovery. I have been to see Geraldine several times over the past 12 months for other issues, including helping me to recover from a serious motoring incident 8 moths ago.  Geraldine has released many emotional issues for me and has allowed me to see and live my life in a more positive way, for which I will be eternally grateful. Greg, 2017

Geraldine is truly amazing. I'm truly blessed to have found her. I'm doing Kinesiology with her. I was in a point in my life where I was giving up. My anxiety and depression were spiraling out of control. Geraldine gives me a sense of calm and peace. I am also doing mediation with her on a Monday night. It's a beautiful group that is relaxing. A place I go to where I feel no problems in my world. Couldn't recommend her high enough! Juleigh 2016

I have been attending kinesiology with Geraldine since July 2014. I was initially diagnosed with Bipolar II in July 2012. Since my diagnosis I have managed my condition with medication and cognitive therapy. Despite my rigorous adherence to my doctor’s recommendations, I continued to feel disjoined and unable to connect with friends and family. I found myself rapidly cycling between mania and depression on a daily basis. It was exhausting! I was recommended to see Geraldine by a friend of mine. After the first session, I began to feel substantially “different”. It is difficult to define what changed but I found myself more centered and calm. I was able to rationalise a situation rather than becoming emotionally vested in other people’s situations. Since seeing Geraldine I am more aware of internal and external influences and how I allow them to affect me. I was initially hesitant as to whether the treatment would be successful and how I would adapt but the reality is, since seeing Geraldine, the associated mania and depressive episodes are further apart and of lower intensity. Alex 2016

Wrist Pain
I just want to say a huge thank you to you for today’s kinesiology session. I felt very relaxed during the session and although a few issues and childhood memories came up that could have been quite traumatic, I felt very safe and able to view those issues from an objective point of view. I loved the way you explained everything we uncovered very clearly and made sure I understood. I also appreciated how you changed the perception of my feelings towards past events to very positive ones. On my way home I did have a bit of a cry – but it was tears of happiness. I felt very free and able to look at the world with new wonder. Oh, and as a side-effect the pain in my wrist, which I thought was repetitive strain injury, has completely gone.  Thanks Geraldine – you are one of the wonders of the world. November 2015

Breast Cancer
Geraldine is truly a master of her craft. After a recent battle with Breast Cancer I was left feeling drained, deflated and full of toxicity. After only one Kinesiology session with Geraldine, I felt a sense of - peace. I had more clarity with my thoughts and greater trust in my decisions as well as physically feeling lighter and more rejuvenated.   Geraldine is also a beautiful spirit who immediately makes you feel very welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend her services. Grainne, June 2014

Shoulder Pain
I tried Kinesiology for a persistent sore shoulder and after the session she said it would take approximately a month to see a significant difference in the physical body. Its been exactly a month and I can now lift my arm over my head without pain. Greg, 2014

Kathy was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in her mid 30’s turning her life upside down. She shares, “Kinesiology is complementary to following a medical treatment plan and healthy lifestyle. There is no magic pill or wand in life and our health. I had experienced Kinesiology previously first coming across it in 2002. Geraldine is a guru of Kinesiology and the easiest way to explain what she does is this. When you know that you have done everything possible to reach a goal and you feel blocked or begin self-sabotaging, Kinesiology taps into the subconscious and allows clearing of this blockage’, which in turn reduces stress on the body, mind, and soul. My body became a beacon for stress, it felt like a flashing neon sign when something triggered stress. Since working with Geraldine over 2 years period in conjunction to the medical treatment plan I have no symptoms of MS, and my lesions have reduced. I was told I may require pain killers and nerve pain medication long-term (11 tablets a day). I am also pleased to report I am no longer on the nerve pain medication or pain killers, just injections.”​
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