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Informed Consent to Treatment

Thank you for choosing Heart Connection.  We look forward to working with you to optimize your health and well being.

Heart Connection provides alternative medicine that incorporates holistic kinesiology so that information can be gathered and monitored from the client’s energy system. By using manual muscle-testing, the Heart Connection practitioner can determine what may be stressing the energy system and how to make corrections to it. Kinesiology does not directly treat or cure any disease or condition, however, Kinesiology does work to restore the natural energy balance of the meridian system. In turn, this energy balance helps to improve the health condition of the body, therefore anyone with any condition can benefit from the application of Kinesiology.


Please read following statements prior to attending your session:

I understand that I give my consent to the practitioners of Heart Connection to conduct a session of Holistic Kinesiology, and/or other natural therapies such as essences, nutritional consulting, quantum healing etc. as may be appropriate for me.


I understand that the practitioners of Heart Connection are certified in their disciplines and will use only natural, non-invasive methods of assessment and therapy.

I am aware that a healing reaction (commonly called “detox reaction”) may occur. It is usually mild and will pass in a few days with rest and water. I may experience tiredness, irritation, digestive disturbances, soreness, a mild fever or other symptoms. If I have any concerns with a reaction I will contact my practitioner immediately.

I also understand that Holistic Kinesiology does NOT directly treat any physical diseases, disorders, ailments, etc. Holistic Kinesiology work is for the body’s underlying energy system.

I also understand that Holistic Kinesiology is NOT psychotherapy. It deals with emotional issues on an energy level, not a conscious level. It does NOT deal with, nor is it related to, parapsychology.

I understand that Holistic Kinesiology is a complementary health program and does NOT diagnose disease or conditions, nor does it replace the care of your physician. It is your responsibility to consult your physician about any medical problem or concern that you become aware of.


I understand that any advice given to me as a client at Heart Connection is not mutually exclusive from any treatment or advice I may be given by another health care provider. I understand that I am at liberty to seek or continue medical care from any other health care provider qualified to practice in the province.


I understand that the practitioners reserve the right to determine which cases fall outside of their scope of practice and an appropriate referral will be made.

I understand that I am accepting or rejecting this care by my own free will.

I understand that no employee or practitioner at Heart Connection is suggesting to me to refrain from seeking the advice of another health care provider.


I understand that 48 hours notice is required for appointment cancellation; otherwise I will be responsible for the cancellation fee of 50% of the time booked.


I understand that any therapies recommended will be explained to me in full by the therapist and that I will give consent to treatment based on informed consent.

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