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"I have suffered from Stress and Anxiety since I can remember and it has affected every part of my life, sometimes having panic attacks. I attended the Empowering Women's 1 Day Retreat and learnt so much about why I felt the way I did and also how to change it. I now use these skills every day and my life is changing, I feel happier, calmer, and confident within myself. Thank you Geraldine". Anna 2019

“The retreat was just what I needed.  Geraldine is a true professional yet has beautiful energy and serenity about her that makes you feel at ease instantly."

Mandy 2019


Our conscious mind equates to 10% of our thinking, therefore to heal from Anxiety we need to approach it from a subconsious level. You will learn new tools to work with your subconscious mind, to change how you feel each day, to interrupt the stress response.


Often your emotional triggers and reactions are automatic. You will learn how to work with your emotional triggers to change the outcome and responses.   You will learn how to Manage Overthinking,

Work with strong emotions of Anger, Frustration and Grief.


We have all been taught to physical boundaries.  What about emotional boundaries.  When crossed can leave you feeling disrespected, unheard and helpless.

You will learn what your emotional boundaries are and how to implement healthy boundaries in relationships.



People often say "You Just NEED to LOVE yourself". This is difficult when you have negative self-talk and you have not been taught how to love yourself.   You will learn how ti give and receive love and how to strengthen your realtionships.

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Hi I am Geraldine Zadkiel, founder of Heart Connection - A Self Empowered Approach to Health.  I have been specialising in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Childhood Trauma for over 15 years now.  As a qualified Kinesiologist and Meditation Facilitator my focus is to empower you to be free from pain.  Physical Mental or Emotional Pain.  


First and Foremost I am deeply passionate about working with emotions and healing past trauma on all levels, specifically childhood abuse and trauma. I work directly with subconscious behavioural and emotional patterns to identify original patterns causing disharmony and pain, whether that be physical pain (disease, injury, chronic pain), Emotional Pain (Depression, Anxiety) or Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia).


I believe that happiness starts with the first step towards change and an understanding that healing is a process of the movement of energy. My entire business is structured around "A Self Empowered Approach To Health." This means I want to empower you to heal yourself by giving you the tools to do this, both on a conscious and subconscious level.


You have the power to heal yourself!

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"I highly recommend this retreat, it was so relaxing and healing, I am leaving a different person...... confident with all the skills I need to manage my emotions and to calm my busy mind"

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