Kinesiology. A way forward, free from pain....

Physical Pain (Back, Neck Shoulder,

Knee, Injury or from Surgery)

Emotional Pain (Anxiety, Depression, BiPolar) 

Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia)

Kinesiology facilitates your body's own healing processes. The physical body has an innate way to heal itself. The same principles apply to the emotional body. We believe they are linked together, therefore to heal from a physical issue or an emotional issue, you need to integrate healing on all levels. Kinesiology, as one healing modality, works holistically with your physical, emotional, mental and electromagnetic energies toward complete healing.

Remember the old saying, “Continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome......?”

If your current lifestyle, diet, emotional stress etc. has created an illness or disease, then continuing to do the same things each day and expecting your body to heal itself under these conditions makes it near impossible for a different outcome to be available to you. However if you make some simple changes to create balance in your life then it can be easy for the body to heal.

How does it work?

The human body is made up of not just physical body. We have emotions, thoughts, energy. For example if you go to a doctor they will identify and address a physical aspect of your condition. If you go to a psychologist they will look at the emotional aspect  If you go to a nutritionist they will look at your diet and intake of required vitamins and minerals. Kinesiology will look at all aspects of who you are, not just one part. Some conditions or illnesses are patterns that have developed deep within the subconscious mind. These are difficult to access therefore facilitating change becomes problematic. Kinesiology is a medium that can identify the cause of the problem in order to promote a self-empowered plan for healing. Kinesiology will take into account all contributing factors, including physical condition, emotional thoughts and feelings, diet and your energy levels.


The process of identifying the core issue or cause, clearing the stress that has created the problem and integrating a healing response on all levels is phenomenal. Kinesiology uses existing proven methods to address your condition including Traditional Chinese Medicine Accupressure System, Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Energy Healing and Sound Therapy.


Kinesiology for Children

Is your child suffering from unexplained fears, anxiety and nervousness? Or prolonged separation anxiety? Kinesiology is a safe and gentle experience and very positive results can be achieved easily as children are so open to change.

Example : A recent client's eight year old son was suffering from anxiety and fear and was unable to sleep properly. He came with his mother for one Kinesiology session and we cleared patterns creating fear, identified the cause of the anxiety and gave him some useful tools to use over a period of a month. When he came back for his follow up session one month later his anxiety and fear had been resolved to the point that it was no longer causing disharmony and there was no need to continue the follow up session.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive, gentle healing experience using muscle testing to asses mental/emotional, physical/structural and biochemical patterns that cause disharmony. Using Kinesiology techniques to clear the patterns allowing the body's own healing processes to be activated is very powerful with children. 


Children are vey sensitive to their environment and what's happening around them. They also easily associate the emotions of their parents with their own. Disharmony physically, mentally or biochemically in your child can often be a reflection of energy they are taking on from the parents or the external environment.

Some of the issues I work with children are the inability to sleep, anxiety and stress, fears around going to a particular place and unexplained nightmares as well as physical conditions such as digestive issues, skin conditions or unexplained conditions with no medical cause.