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MEN's HEALING is our focus.......

Eight Australians die each day from Suicide. The suicide rate for men is three times higher than women. These are our Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Friends.

There are other options available for MEN to be free from pain - physical mental or emotional.

KINESIOLOGY is a non-confrontational process that works directly with the subconscious to identify and clear physical, mental and emotional pain. It is particularly beneficial for those suffering from DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, OVERTHINKING and INSOMNIA.


Note: it is not counselling.

We work with the subconsious using Kinesiology techniques and vibratonal medicine. Many men find it difficult to speak about their feelings or pain and sometimes do not fully understand it, often feeling trapped without a way out. Its important for MEN to know that they do not need to talk during their Kinesiology Session for the healing to work or be effective. It takes just 1-2 sessions to see and feel a significant difference in your day to day life. You are free to be happy and enjoy your life.

If YOU or the MEN in your life are SUFFERING from anxiety, depression or experiencing pain from long term stress, please give them the option of KINESIOLOGY as a path from pain.





Empowering Men
There are so many therapeutic options available for WOMEN but what about MEN? 
MEN need to live a healthy happy life too and are being forgotten. 

Do you reach for a PANADOL every time you have a headache? It provides a short term fix but then what other options do you have? 

There are alternatives that can not only help you with a headache, they can help with many other issues experienced by MEN such as physical aches and pains, fatigue in the afternoon, colds and flu, sinus pain, depression and anxiety.

Join us for a casual evening for an open discussion, where we will explore natural heath and wellbeing options for MEN.  
It's time for MEN to be EMPOWERED. It's time to take control of your own health and wellbeing. 

Contact Nicholas Zadkiel on 0421901202 or secure your place online (limited to 8 Participants).
BOOK your place today.
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