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It’s not just talking about what's happening and bringing up the past.

It's about moving forward with all the practical tools you need

to be happy and enjoy each other

Young Couple

ONLINE COUPLES THERAPY  PROGRAM is presented weekly or fortnightly

Our unique program works through how to manage daily stress individually and together, releasing past pain and hurt, moving forward, self-love and connection, healthy boundaries, and respect.


For  couples who want to save their relationship that is at risk of separation and new couples who want to work together to continually improve their relationship 

We specialize in working with couples where one or both of you are also experiencing Anxiety, Depression PTSD or Trauma


WHY are we different and what to expect from your Online Therapy Program? 

Relationships often trigger our emotional responses that can have links to past trauma.  This can also include emotional and past pain and triggers developed during the relationship including any type of anger, betrayal, grief, or feeling disrespected.  

Our Online Therapy Session facilitates the healing process by teaching you to clear past emotional pain that manifests as blocks in your energy fields, repairing and rebalancing your energy so that you can move forward individually and together.

We also help identify “issues” before they manifest.  It opens our consciousness to the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring our lives into balance and maintain health, happy relationships

Presented over Skype or FaceTime whereby we can identify and discuss what's been happening for both of you.  You will be asked to identify all aspects of your disharmony.  Do you have physical pain in the body? What treatments have you done and what medications are you on? How are you emotionally? Do you have anxiety or depression, mood swings?  Mentally, are you overthinking? Are you sleeping? What is the other relevant information that contributes to your current disharmony?   

We work together online to clear these patterns causing disharmony and empower you with the tools to manage daily stresses and emotional triggers and to move forward in life with confidence.  


Note: this is not a counseling session it is a therapy session of self-empowerment.  You will learn how to change how you feel each day, how to manage daily stresses, and clear past traumas.  You will be empowered with all the tools you need.   Our sessions will not replace your existing mental health plan however will complement and enhance your growth.


You will then work together to strengthen and integrate the new patterns and any other information that is relevant to creating the desired outcomes.  This takes practice and you will only get out of it what you put into it.  You will need to practice the new skills you have learned.

Over the following 12 weeks, you will start noticing the changes in your relationship, you may notice you are not being emotionally triggered into a specific reaction, you will start to communicate in a way that your partner can hear you, and you will notice you are sleeping better and feel calm in situations you may not have felt calm in before.   


Are you experiencing the following.  Our Online Therapy Sessions work to clear blockages in your energy field contributing to physical mental and emotional disharmony.

  • Are you angry and frustrated with your partner?

  • Are you talking about separation or divorce?

  • Are you experiencing trust issues? 

  • Have you lost your desire and passion for your partner?

  • Do you feel unheard and unable to communicate with your partner?

  • Do you feel like your boundaries are being crossed? Feeling disrespected by your partner?

  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to have fun together?

  • Have you talked about counseling and your partner refuses to go?

  • Does your Anxiety, Depression, PTSD or Childhood Trauma affect your relationship



Couple Hugging




Are you and your partner ready to try something new? 


Our uniquq program empowers you and your partner with practical skills to create a healthy happy relationship.  Note: this is not counseling.  Our program is non-confrontational, it is about learning how to move forward empowered individually and together.

Take the time you need to rediscover yourself and your relationship with your partner.  Reactivating the love and the reasons you chose to be together. 



Developed by Geraldine Zadkiel founder of Heart Connection.  Geraldine a qualified Kinesiologist has been working with clients individually and in groups for over 15 years.  Specializing in Anxiety Depression PTSD she works directly with subconscious patterns causing disharmony physically mentally and emotionally.


Relationships are both magical and challenging.  Each individual brings to the relationship patterns of pain that get triggered on a subconscious level.  You find yourself reacting automatically to specific situations.  This is great if it’s a positive experience however when you are repeatedly reacting to a negative trigger you can feel disempowered to change how you feel, it becomes overwhelming and you find yourself cycling from yelling to withdrawing.  This can lead to anxiety and depression for one or both of you.  

Geraldine specializes in the energetic effects of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Childhood Trauma and is deeply passionate about clearing negative energy fields and negative belief systems and patterns affecting your relationship.  She teaches you to work with your subconscious to identify patterns of disharmony physical mental and emotional that cause disharmony within and without.  Geraldine takes it to the next level of self-empowerment teaching you how to manage your own daily stresses, clear past traumas, and feel confident to move forward in your relationship and your life.



Learn how to :


  • Manage your own daily stress levels - triggers and reactions 

  • Release the energy of past pain hurts and betrayal

  • Non violent communication in relationship 

  • Self Love and Self Care 

  • Love and connection in relationship 

  • Create healthy boundaries 

  • Communicate clearly your needs

  • Remember and experience fun and joy with each other 

  • Open your heart to giving and receiving love and know what that is 

  • Rekindle your love and passion for each other

Taking TIME out of your everyday life to focus on your relationship is one of the most important investment into your future.  We can all make excuses we don't have enough TIME 2 hours a week for 12 weeks is a short time towards a lifetime of a healthy happy relationship.   You will be free to rediscover your connection in relationships remembering why you chose each other.



• Take Action
• Get Results
• Create a Healthy Connection
• Save Your Relationship
• Build a Great Life Together
• Exceed Your Potential

Loving Couple


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