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The Tree Dynamic 


To use this attunement process, either familiarise yourself with the complete process prior to commencing, or read a section then visualise that stage, then read and do the next and so on until complete. 


Find a position where you will be sure to be comfortable throughout the process.

Feel your body relaxing with each breath in and all tension releasing with each breath out.


Imagine seeing the most magnificent tree you can imagine standing tall and free in a clear space with lush grasses all around it.


Imagine slowly approaching the tree and as you near pause and seek the trees permission to enter its space. Once you feel welcomed into the trees sheltered space, imagine gently walking in toward the tree and leaning your back against the trunk. Be still for a few moments, feel the space the tree offers you, appreciate the shelter it provides you. Take another long, slow, deep breath in and out.


Ask the tree permission now to enter its trunk. Once you feel welcomed in, imagine gently stepping back into the trunk of the tree. Be still inside the trunk for a few moments appreciating the invitation to stand within its presence. Take another long slow, deep breath in and out.


Extend you awareness down through the trunk into the tree's root systems, at least as extensive as the tree above, only much deeper than the tree is tall. Feel the roots as they wriggle deep into our mother Earth establishing a profound, intimate and sure connection, becoming an integral part of our mother Earth and of Nature as a whole.


Remember that every atom in your body and every atom in the tree are all elements from the Earth, and every atom in the Earth came from somewhere in the cosmos. And so the Earth, the tree, all of nature and your body all share the same resonant frequencies that are all integrally connected to all that is and the greater harmony that permeates all the planets, all the stars and all that is. Take another long slow, deep breath in and out.


As you harmonise yourself through appreciating this interconnectedness we share with all the elements, connect on through the Earth to all the crystalline deposits throughout the Earth's crust and all their innate healing qualities. With every breath in and every breath out connect with the gentle, constant upward flow as the tree drinks in moisture, nutrients, all the innate healing qualities and an abundance of Yin Chi up from the Earth. Feel it flowing up through the roots into the trunk, into every cell in your body, bringing a profound sense of nourishment, fulfilment and assured groundedness. Take a long slow, deep breath in and out. Continue with a couple more breaths until every cell in your entire body is filled with this nourishment. Immerse yourself in the nourishing sensations.


Now gently bring your focus to the inflow of consciousness flowing in through your crown chakra, down through your spinal cord and extending from your tail bone down through the Earth's crust, through the Mantle, through into the fire element of the Outer Core joyously releasing, burning off in an instant all that is not in pure harmony with your spirit to be broken down into neutral energy by the fire element, continuing down into the Inner Core to connect with the profound inner calm that exists here. Take a few moments to attune to the slow rhythmic calming rejuvenating pulse of the Inner Core. Take a long slow, deep breath in and out. (Wait a few moments). Take another long, slow, deep breath in and out.


Now gently bring yourself back up into the trunk of the tree and pause here for a few long slow, deep breaths. 

Extend your awareness up the trunk into the branches, right out to all the tips of the branches and into all the leaves. Imagine feeling the gentleness of a light breeze flowing through all the branches and leaves, feel the gentle movement throughout the tree. Feel the flexibility, the joyous stimulation of movement with the air element. Feel the air gently flowing by, caressing all your leaves, allow the breeze to carry away any and all cares or worries you may have been having to be dissolved out into the air and broken down into neutral energy by the rays of the sun.


Imagine feeling the suns rays lighting up the leaves and warming the branches and trunk. Feel the abundance of radiant Yang Chi flowing down from the sun in our Father Sky flowing into the leaves, into the small outer branches warming all the way, into the larger branches into the trunk, into every cell in your body vitalizing every cell to meet with the Yin Chi as they dance together and blend in perfect yin/yang harmony inside every cell in your body, the Yin nourishing and fulfilling, the Yang vitalizing and enlivening. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and out as you immerse yourself in this dance of joyous life.


Immersing yourself into this perfect balance of vital energies, this feeling of fulfilled vitality permeating every cell in your entire body. Like the tree, imagine now radiating this perfect balance of nourished vitality out into all sectors of your field pattern to completely permeate and infuse every facet of your field. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and out.


Feel the flow of your yin and yang breathing oscillating in rhythmic harmony with the calming, centring pulse of the Earth. Feel the perfect balance of nourishment and vitality active within the trunk, within your whole body within your whole field. Feel the sureness, the profound groundedness, Feel the stretching into the heavens accepting the flow of light in, with the fullness of appreciation for all that is. Take a long slow, deep breath in and out.


Feel the flexibility and absolute strength and presence of the trunk of the tree. Feel the absolute presence of your own spirit luminous within your whole body and field pattern, the perfect harmonious balance of nourished vitality. Take a long, slow, deep breath in and out.


Now bring your focus into your physical body and ready yourself to move out of the trunk of the tree. Thank the tree for sharing this experience with you, take a deep breath and step out of the trunk. Stand just outside the tree with your back to the trunk once more for a moment appreciating all you have experienced. Now gently move out of the shelter of the tree, turn and thank the tree for sharing this experience once more and move to rest out on the grass.

Notice how you feel, notice this feeling is not dependent on the tree, this was your experience you shared with the tree. This is an experience of yourself that you created totally yourself with the focus and creative power of your own consciousness that you can choose to tune into and expand at any time that you desire.

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