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In this ceremony you bring yourself in harmony with Earth, the Cosmos, the four directions and yourself (heart), in preparation for choosing peace for yourself and the planet.


  1. Commence with the words “I am that I am and I only work energy of divine love and light that are part of the Divine plan, all that is less than Divine Light must leave now”


Start with the four directions, orient yourself to the East, South, West, North at each direction take a deep breath and feel how your body balances itself in the centre of this horizontal grid.

I call forth the ...    

Energies of East - golden eagle, bring awakening and awareness

Energies of South – coyote and mouse, bring innocence and trust

Energies of West – bear and raven, bring introspection and silence

Energies of North – white owl and buffalo, clarity and wisdom


  1. Next, visualize a vertical beam of bright light which runs through your crown chakra, spine and root chakra. This is your light, your higher self. See how the beam runs down below your root chakra straight into the core of the Earth connecting you with the core of the planet. Take three deep breaths, with each inhale breath call in your own divine being, your higher self, with each exhale imagine you are releasing all tensions, energy blocks, pain that is keeping you from being fully present. Feel relaxed.


  1. Invoke – “I invoke the Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedian Emissaries of Light to place an Interdimentional Cone above me for clearing and divine alignment”


  1. Invoke – “I invoke the Sirian Archangelic League of Light to place the Evolutionary Cone of Light above me so that this energy transfer be used to achieve the highest vibration of love according to the Divine Plan”


  1. Invoke _ “I invoke the Andromedan Emissaries of Light to place the Intergalactic Cone of Light above me aligning me in a pillar of light to the great central sun and all that is.


  1. Say the following – “In the name that I am that I am and for the Divine Plan for Earth and all that is I connect to the higher energy systems of all lightworkers (alternatively if you are working directly with me specifically say Geraldine), and with my free will accept with the intention for energy being channelled to my higher energy system (only that which is possible and appropriate at this time for each individual to safely and gently receive) from the opened portal of the Mayan Code the 13th Gate Galactic Centre Cross Over, the 6th Night of Galactic Underworld to flow in and through me to be grounded easily and effortlessly through my daily living in the earth for the purpose of the Divine Plan as follows.” 


  1. “In the name that I am that I am, I call upon the Guardians and Overlighting Devas of Light of the thirteen chakra sites and ask that you assist me now in aligning with, and acclimating to Earths Polarity, orbits and electromagnetic field.”  Take three deep breaths and feel the alignment being made.


  1. “Assist me now in aligning with the highest Divine Plan for Earth and her people. I wish to connect only to the highest sources of Divine Truth, Love and Light at each of the thirteen chakras of Earth. I ask that each of the Earth’s thirteen chakras may register that I am a human being embodying my Higher Self of Light, in the process of becoming the Christ that I AM.  I ask that healing, awakening and remembrance that I have experienced be registered in Earth chakras, taking nothing away from me, and giving an imprint that will benefit all of the humans on Earth in their own awakening and healing.”


  1. “In the name that I am that I am I now connect the thirteen sacred sites – visualise thirteen beams of light from the point of the sun and thirteen beams of light from the point of the core of the earth connecting all the sacred sites.


  1. Now bring the focus of your chakra as described below, connect with the sacred site and from your chakra send a golden infinity symbol of light to the centre of the vortex of each sacred site.  Ask to connect with only the highest source of Divine Truth, Love and Light.  Repeat this affirmation for each chakra, “I command that this Earth Chakra be held in the light and protected in the light from this point forth. I also command that all black magic and control energies be permanently removed from these sacred sites”.


    1. Lake and mountain Batur in Bali Indonesia, bottommost point of your aura, your Earth Portal Chakra

    2. Table Mountain, South Africa from the three-ring chakra beneath your feet

    3. Uluru, formerly Ayer's Rock, Australia from your root chakra at the base of your spine.

    4. Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii from your sacral chakra.

    5. Delphi, Greece from your navel chakra.

    6. Mt. Fuji, Japan from your solar plexus.

    7. The Tor in Glastonbury, England from your heart chakra.

    8. Palenque, Mexico from your throat chakra.

    9. The Great Pyramid of Giza from your third eye.

    10. Mt. Denali, formerly Mt. McKinley, Alaska from your crown chakra.

    11. Mt. Shasta, California from your three-ring chakra above your head.

    12. Machu Picchu, Peru, South America from your Cosmic Portal at the topmost part of your aura.

    13. Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia, South America from just above your aura.


  1. Say out loud  ‘it is done, its is done, it is done.” Stay in this space as long as you like; enjoy the light energy of the highest vibration of love moving in and through you. Visualise the world how you would like it to be, visualise your life how you would like it to be. See yourself and everyone whole and healed with light and so it is. This is the highest power for manifestation available to you now.


  1. When you are ready take a few deep breaths, give thanks to all that helped throughout this process, come back to the present and continue your day feeling energised, enthusiastic and loved.


  1. Bury your chosen pyramid crystal in the earth with the point facing downward toward the centre of the earth say out loud “The Great Invocation.”


From the Point of Light within the Mind of God

Let Light Stream Forth into our Minds, Let Light Descend on Earth


From the Point of Love within the Hearth of God

Let Love stream forth into our Hearts, May Love Increase on Earth


From the Centre’s where the will of God is Known

Let purpose guide our Wills. The purpose which the masters know and serve


From the centre which we call Humanity

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out and may it seal the door where evil dwells.


Let Light Love and Power restore the plan on earth

Let Light Love and Power restore the plan on earth

Let Light Love and Power restore the plan on earth.

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