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Why Choose Kinesiology?

The power of the subconscious mind is the control centre for all your bodily functions. Your breath, heart rate, digestion etc. all happens automatically. The subconscious is where your entire life journey is stored, memories, events etc. So when a memory is activated in the subconscious that has an emotional response, you find yourself repeating this emotional response over and over without a conscious thought. It just happens automatically.

If you are being triggered into adrenal stress response this in turn places a lot of pressure on the physical body, eventually leading to disharmony or illness.

Physical - chronic illness, injury and pain

Emotional - anxiety, depression, PTSD

Mental - overthinking, insomnia

Kinesiology is a gentle process that uses muscle testing to speak with the subconscious, identifying the cause of disharmony and clearing the physical, mental and or emotional pattern, thereby changing the outcome. The body then activates it’s own healing processes.

Guided by your subconscious, information is power for healing.

As your Kinesiology practitioner I am guided by your subconscious to work with you to identify the physical, emotional and biochemical connections causing your pain. Using muscle testing that speaks to your subconscious, I am guided to the information that is causing disharmony. You hold they key within you. Once the patterns have been identified I will use kinesiology techniques to activate your body’s own natural healing processes, empowering you to heal on all levels.

Distant Healing is also available. This works the same way. Starting with a Skype session, you will then relax in the comfort of your own home while I work directly with your energy system. The results are the same as if you attended the session in person.

You are empowered to heal your past, enjoy the present and live the life you dream, FREE FROM PAIN.

To book your Kinesiology Session or Distant Healing contact Geraldine on 0418336482 or book online today.

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