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Transforming Anxiety through the Power of Heart Connection


Taking Back Your Power

The world is changing and so are we, often we find ourselves feeling disoriented and powerless. Be it a challenge in your personal relationships, work-related stress, physical illness, or a tumultuous storm of emotions within, we sometimes feel confined to our seemingly insurmountable circumstances. However, one affirmation has the ability to illuminate a path through this obscurity: "I TAKE BACK MY POWER."

What does this affirmation truly signify? Often, we are unaware of how frequently we surrender our power. Consider a moment when a physical ailment or emotional pain made you feel helpless to your change what's happening. Did you surrender your control to the circumstances, convinced you had no power to alter the outcome?

It's time to dispel that myth.

You hold the power to reshape your destiny with the magical key of understanding your affirmation: "I TAKE BACK MY POWER."

By utilizing this potent affirmation, you can shift your perception, make empowering choices, and redirect the trajectory of your journey. Begin by reflecting on the areas of your life where you feel powerless, whether it's a toxic relationship, a stressful work condition, physical illness, or even your emotional health experiencing anxiety or depression.

When you affirm, "I TAKE BACK MY POWER", you are essentially reclaiming your power to choose. Choosing to be empowered and to alter the outcome, no matter how small the choice, breeds transformation.

Imagine a time of your life where you feel you can activate your free will and choice and modify your course. Visualize making that change, affirm "I TAKE BACK MY POWER", and experience a surge of inner strength as you realize you hold the reigns to your life.

Embark on an amazing journey of transformation by taking ONE empowering action every day!

As part of this, we invite you to:


  • Unleash your potential by exploring a plethora of mind-body wellness solutions that complement your existing health plan.

At Heart Connection, we offer an array of services like Kinesiology, Distant Healing, KaHuna Massage, Essential Oils for Healing, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program, Mindfulness, and Meditation Retreats, Infrared Sauna, and much more.

Empower yourself through Active Affirmations with us at Heart Connection.

Join our ever-expanding family on our Facebook page at

Love and Blessings,

Geraldine Zadkiel


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