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Transforming Anxiety with Heart Connection

The Affirmation, “I TAKE BACK MY POWER,” is one of the most important affirmations I can share with you.

We often feel disempowered in the world we live in. Disempowered to change the outcome, whether that be with a relationship, work situation, our stress responses, or even an illness in our bodies. This disempowerment results in feelings of helplessness, anger and sadness. These feelings can become overwhelming when we feel we cannot change the outcome and trigger an adrenal stress response.

What does “I Take Back My Power” actually mean?

We give away our personal personal power all the time without even realising.

Example. Perhaps you have a physical illness or are suffering pain and you feel

disempowered to change what’s happening to you. Do you believe that what is happening is outside of your control? Do you feel that you have no power or choice to change the outcome?

This is not entirely true.

You are empowered to change the outcome through understanding your affirmation...


Using your active affirmation to change your perception and belief allows you to make different choices and change the outcome.

First take a moment to identify the areas in your life where you feel disempowered to change the outcome. Perhaps it is one or a few areas. A destructive relationship?

A work situation? A physical illness? Or is it your emotional well-being? Are you are suffering anxiety or depression?

I TAKE BACK MY POWER means you take back your power to choose. To choose to be empowered to change the outcome. Even the smallest choice you make to do something different changes the outcome.

Now think of this are of your life where you are empowered to make the choices you would like to make, think of this as if you are actually making this change and then say your Active Affirmation I TAKE BACK MY POWER - feel the strength within you as you realise you have choices to change the outcome, that you are empowered.

Decide to make ONE different choice each day.


- Include Active Affirmations into your daily routine. Join our tribe today

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Active Affirmations with Heart Connection

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Come on a journey with us.

Love and Blessings

Geraldine Zadkiel

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