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Appointments are now available online and in-person on request (Palm Cove Qld).

Are you tired of suffering from the constant struggle of Anxiety Depression, PTSD or Childhood Trauma?


We provide programs and services that empower you to be free from physical, mental and emotional pain.   Often when we have emotional pain this can also lead to physical pain.  Explore our  range of treatment plans and services you will be empowered with all the practical tools you need to change how you feel each day.     Our unique programs empower you to work with your physical body and subconscious triggers and patterns to change the patterns causing disharmony.  All our services are tailored to your specific needs.


  We Specialise in 
Anxiety Depression and 
Childhood Trauma  

KINESIOLOGY Online or In Person
Cairns Qld 

Specialising in Anxiety Depression and Childhood Trauma. Anxiety Treatment Plans Available.


Experience KaHuna Massage with Essential oils and sound healing to experience deep relaxation 


A Program of Growth and Connection
Where one or both suffer from Anxiety Depression or Trauma


 Empowering Women Retreats

Alchemy of Men Retreats


""I have been to see Geraldine for Kinesiology a couple of times now and recently with the social distancing we are experiencing I was uncertain about how to continue working on my Anxiety which was heightened due to all the changes and uncertainty. I was skeptical at first about Online Kinesiology however during the session I experienced and felt the changes occurring within me and was able to shift the overthinking, the emotional triggers being activated and now feeling confident to move into the future no matter what happens. Thank you Geraldine" Sue

and the missing link.....



Are you ready to take back your power?


Anxiety affects us all...either you are suffering from Anxiety or you know at least 2-3 people who are! Anxiety creates feelings of disempowerment, disempowered to change the outcome no matter what you do.


These numbers are way too high. You can find a lot of information on the internet that can tell you a list of symptoms and a list of things to do. Often they look a bit like this.....


- Exercise, Sleep, Meditate, Eat Healthy

This is all fantastic information and I personally agree these are some good tips to explore and when implemented will have a huge impact on how you feel.


For many this list of words can feel overwhelming. Each one of the items require a huge commitment on your part and I'm sure if you could be doing them this article would not apply to you. Just thinking about them activates your stress response.


You know how it feels, your heart rate increases, you feel sick in the stomach, your thoughts are focussed on how you can get out of this situation, you don't sleep, you overthink every thought, you have negative thoughts and judgements on yourself and now you are punishing yourself because you cannot stick to the list - eat healthy, exercise, calm your mindandmeditate.


All because,every cell in your body is focussed on fight or flight. It is in the moment of Stress/Anxiety that it can feel impossible for you to follow through with achieving your goals.


What is the missing link between words and actions?


Expand your thinking........ we need to work with your subconscious mind to change the outcome.


We have been trying to address Anxiety on a conscious level and going round and round in circles. The statistics are becoming higher and more people are suffering now than ever before.


Kinesiology uses muscles testing to access subconscious patterns causing disharmony physical mental or emotional.   We use specific techniques to change these patterns empowering you to be free from pain and we teach you how to do this for yourself.   Our online programs empower you to learn in the comfort of your own home, tools for self empowerment, self love and connection and healthy boundaries in relationships.   Practical tools you can integrate into the busiest of days, empowering you to be free to be your calm centred self.

Our weekend Mindfulness and Meditation Transformational Retreats provide a safe space for healing and growth.  It is difficult to meditate when you have anxiety, depression, PTSD or childhood trauma and your mind is overthinking and you feel overwhelmed.    Our retreats are unique in that you will learn how to calm your busy mind, manage emotions and emotional triggers and how to meditate easily.   You are on a journey of self discovery immersed in nature.  Our retreats are unique and a point when healing and self empowerment merge together.  You will leave feeling confident to be free from emotional stress.


Geraldine Zadkiel

I am a qualified Kinesiologist specialising in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Childhood Trauma working with clients for the past 15 years.   I am passionate about finding solutions that work for you individually so that you too can be empowered to interrupt stress responses, manage and change emotional triggers and reactions, overthinking and 


After suffering from Anxiety and Depression for over 25 years I have developed practical tools and techniques that I am sharing with you through our range of services that include Personalised Treatment Plans, Empowering Men and Women Weekend Retreats, and Online Courses.   These practical tools and techniques empower you to work with your subconscious to change how you feel each day..   When you address anxiety on a conscious level only, it can leave you feeling frustrated and stuck going round and round in circles.    When you address anxiety on a subconscious level you are free to enjoy each day, feeling happy and calm.


This is your opportunity to step forward into your future, to take back your power..  You are empowered to be free to be yourself, free from physical mental or emotional pain.

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