Specialising in

Anxiety Depression,

PTSD and

Childhood Trauma

A path forward free from the effects of Mental and Emotional Pain

You are empowered to
change how you feel 

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Appointments now available online and in-person on request (Palm Cove Qld and Machans Beach Qld).
Note : we have recentlcy relocated from Nelson Bay NSW.

Are you tired of suffering from the constant struggle of Anxiety Depression, PTSD or Childhood Trauma?


We provide programs and services that empower you to be free from physical, mental and emotional pain.   Often when we have emotional pain this can also lead to physical pain.  Explore our  range of treatment plans and services you will be empowered with all the practical tools you need to change how you each day.     Our unique programs empower you to work with your physical body and subconscious triggers and patterns to change the patterns causing disharmony.  All our services are tailored to your specific needs.