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Book your personalised one on one Essential Oils Consultation TODAY
During this session we identify the oils that would most benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally. Once you have chosen your oils you are then included in our ongoing support and education program. 
When you receive your oils we meet again to make up your personalised blends.


take a moment to watch this video to ensure you are getting the best Essential Oil for healing you and your family.

Copaiba Essential Oil for Anxiety

Extracted via steam distillation from a variety of balsam resin tapped from Copaifera trees in the Brazilian Amazon, copaiba essential oil has a sweet honey, hey-like aroma, and the pleasant, uplifting scent can noticeably improve your mood and encourage feelings of well being and comfort. Used for hundreds of years to uplift the mood, this ancient, therapeutic oil can easy a troubled mind and help ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

INSTRUCTIONS :  Click on Link Above.   Choose Join and Safe - fill out the form - use ID 4078877 as your Enroller and Sponsor, choose into pack $35 and add your oils. If you choose a kit you do not need to add the intro Pack.  All new accounts receive one on one personal essential oils consult (phone or in person)  and ongoing education and support program by Heart Connection

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