The Ener-Bear is not only very cute and cuddly, he has the added benefit of being a permanently “energized” bear.


What are the benefits of the Ener-Bear?

Ener-bear harmonising energy Ener-Bear has undergone an Ionic infusion process unique to Orgone Effects® that enables the Ener-Bear to act as an Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) space clearing harmonizer.  


Ener-Bear utilizes the same programming that the Geoclense®  and Space Clearing Dome contain covering an area approximately the size of an average bedroom or hospital room.


The Orgone Effects® Ener-Bear creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around the body that may support and balance the human energy fields, organs and meridians neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation.


The Ener-Bear is especially beneficial for children and the elderly staying in the draining energy of a Hospital or Nursing Home as it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation imprints left by previous patients, creating a bed space which is radiation free.  These bed imprints include: –

Illness imprints

Emotional imprints

Death imprints


All EMF fields overlapping the bed spaces caused by hospital monitoring equipment


Someone under electromagnetic stress from the above imprints, especially an ill child recovering in hospital, may not recover as quickly as compared to a bed space which is radiation free.  In some cases, death imprints where electromagnetic “entities” exist may be quite dangerous to a patient in a hospital bed.


These different types of radiation fields unique to hospitals and Nursing Homes will directly interfere with the Chi energy of the Chinese Meridian pathways and human organs.  Illness imprints are not just contained to hospital beds, as anyone sick in any bed is going to create an illness imprint that will cause electromagnetic stress on an already weakened body.


The Ener-Bear is the perfect gift for:-

New-born babies, children, grandchildren and adults!

Sick children (especially when in hospital) during periods of convalescence

The elderly in Nursing Homes

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