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Purchase today and save $20. Online Energy Healing / Kinesiology provides a path forward free from Pain (Physical Mental or Emotional Pain).  You are empowered to become your calm centred self. Specialising in Anxiety, Depression and PTSD.


$135.00 Regular Price
$115.00Sale Price
  • Nurture your loved one today with a holistic healing experience for the mind, body and spirit. They will have the opportunity to choose to use their Gift Voucher towards a beautiful KaHuna Massage with Essential Oils which will have them feeling relaxed with a deep sense of inner peace long after the massage is over.  


    Alternatively, they can choose a Kinesiology Session that will empower your love one to heal their body physically, mentally and emotionally. This is especially beneficial if they are suffering pain, be it physical (chronic pain, illness), mental (overthinking, insomnia), or emotional (anxiety or depression).  This experience will empower them to move forward from pain, freeing them to enjoy their life, in the moment, each and every day.

  • Once your voucher has been purchase its easy for your loved one to book their session online at or contact Geraldine Zadkiel on 0418 336 482 

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