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WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 6.30pm-7.30pm at Heart Connection Studio Nelson Bay

BOOK TODAY to secure your place (each group is limited to 10 participants)

Cost $18 Casual Session. This group is limited to 10 people. Book online today.

Join us for deep relaxation and healing with Guided Meditations for Self Empowerment and Inner Peace. You will experience the connection to the womb of Mother Earth where you will activate your body's natural healing processes with cellular activation healing on all levels.


Throughout the evening session you will be introduced to relaxation/meditation techniques that you can use in your everyday life. You will focus on mindfulness and being aware of your thoughts and feelings and you will receive tools for changing negative thought processes that create disharmony. You can live a life in balance, peace and harmony within and without. 

Each evening is a different meditation focusing on healing and connection, assisting you to live in peace in your everyday life.

Please arrive 5 mins prior to 6.25pm as the doors will be locked after 6.35pm

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