A Journey of Self Discovery






17 APRIL 2021

3 JULY 2021


Riverwood Downs NSW

just 1 hour from Newcastle Airport

An experience of a lifetime, immersed in nature!   


Join us on this journey of self-discovery where you will discover your calmer and more connected self. Through individual and group experience and learning, we will share tools, practices and principles for developing your inner being. Nature, tranquil space like-minded people will support you in honouring this valuable time for yourself.


Nestled amongst acres of secluded bushland and gardens.  You will be able to focus completely on health, healing and relaxation.


Enjoy a break away from the everyday life and join us for 1 day in foothills of Barrington Tops, the beautiful Riverwood Downs. Add Accommodation and stay the weekend. This retreat will give you time to rest, restore your energies, and find that all-elusive inner-calm in a peaceful and tranquil setting at Riverwood Downs


Throughout this Retreat you will learn practical tools that you can use every day to create peace and harmony within and without. You will learn about the importance of emotional wellbeing to maintain inner peace and techniques to easily calm your busy mind.  Mindfulness and Meditation techniques that can be practiced every day.


This is a time to nurture yourself and restore a sense of balance and overall well-being.


Riverwood Downs NSW

just 1 hour from Newcastle Airport



1 Day Retreat Program

Experience the bliss of sounds of nature

Be present in each moment surrounded in nature an the sounds of running waterfalls and birds.  Riverwood Downs is loaded at the foothills of Barrington Tops NSW

Recharge on all levels with all meals included

Nurture your body with fresh fruits and vegetables. All meals can be purchased at the Barrington Restaurant  - breakfast,  lunch and dinners.

We start the retreat schedule at 10am in the conference room where you will learn practical tools throughout the day to


- Manage Overthinking

- Interrupt Adrenal Stress Response

- Work through strong emotions of Anger and Frustration

- Self Love and Giving and Receiving Love

- Healthy Boundaries in Relationship

- Communication in Relationship

- Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques

This Women’s Retreat is a powerful opportunity for you to Connect, Accept, Let Go, Set Intentions and Nourish Yourself.

“The retreat was just what I needed.  Geraldine is a true professional yet has a beautiful energy and serenity about her that makes you feel at ease instantly." Mandy


"The retreat was wonderful. I felt like I learned so much in a fun, support environment. Gerladine is the ultimate guide- so knowledgable, funny, kind and happy to share her own real life experiences. She is a valuable human resource! I highly recommend her services.”   Amy

$335 pp includes Lunch and Afternoon Tea.  

Add Accommodation and Stay the Weekend.  Make it a Girls Weekend away. Bring 


  • 2 nights accommodation in a Boutique Room at Riverwood Downs Special Price $313 (room has 1 Queen and Bunk Beds).  (other accommodation options available - Camping or Cabins)

  • Meals can be purchased in Riverwood Downs Restaurant

"I highly recommend this retreat, it was so relaxing and healing, I am leaving a different person...... confident with all the skills I need to manage my emotions and to calm my busy mind"

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Hi I am Geraldine Zadkiel, founder of Heart Connection - A Self Empowered Approach to Health.  I have been specialising in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Childhood Trauma for over 15 years now.  As a qualified Kinesiologist and Meditation Facilitator my focus is to empower you to be free from pain.  Physical Mental or Emotional Pain.  


First and Foremost I am deeply passionate about working with emotions and healing past trauma on all levels, specifically childhood abuse and trauma. I work directly with subconscious behavioural and emotional patterns to identify original patterns causing disharmony and pain, whether that be physical pain (disease, injury, chronic pain), Emotional Pain (Depression, Anxiety) or Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia).


I believe that happiness starts with the first step towards change and an understanding that healing is a process of the movement of energy. My entire business is structured around "A Self Empowered Approach To Health." This means I want to empower you to heal yourself by giving you the tools to do this, both on a conscious and subconscious level.


You have the power to heal yourself!

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Heart Connection

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Heart Connection speciaises in Anxiety, Depression, PTSD.  A Self Empowered Approach to Health

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