In Love



Creating HEALHTY HAPPY Relationships

 For  couples who want to save their relationship that is at risk of separation and new couples who want to work together to continually improve their relationship 


  • Are you angry and frustrated with your partner?

  • Are you taking about separation or divorce?

  • Are you experiencing trust issues? 

  • Have you lost your desire and passion for your partner?

  • Do you feel unheard and unable to communicate to your partner?

  • Do you feel like your boundaries are being crossed? Feeling disrespected by your partner?

  • Have you forgotten what it’s like to have fun together?

  • Have you talked about counselling and your partner refuses to go?


Are you and your partner ready to try something new?  This is a program of empowering you and your partner with practical skills to create a healthy happy relationship.  Note : this is not counselling.  Our program is non confrontational, it is about learning how to move forward  empowered individually and together.


Developed by Geraldine Zadkiel founder of Heart Connection.  Geraldine a qualified Kinesiologist has been working with clients individually and in groups for over 15 years.  Specialising in Anxiety Depression PTSD she works direct with subconscious patterns causing disharmony physically mentally and emotionally.


Relationships are both magical and challenging.  Each individual brings to the relationship patterns of pain that gets triggered on a subconscious level.  You find yourself reacting automatically to specific situations.  This is great if it’s a positive experience however when you are repeatedly reacting to a negative trigger you can feel disempowered to change how you feel, it becomes overwhelming and you find yourself cycling from yelling to withdrawing.  This can lead to anxiety and depression for one or both or you.  


Empowering Couples Personalised 1 Day Retreat, Exclusive Workshops or 1:1 Sessions provide a path forward individually and together.


You and your partner can escape the responsibilities of every-day life to focus on your relationship.  Time constraints in everyday life work, family etc make it difficult to really work on your relationship and connect leaving you looping around in the same old patterns.  Our 3 Day Weekend Retreat and 1 Day Exclusive Workshop provides you with the freedom to take the time you need to rediscover yourself and your relationship with your partner.  Reactivating the love and the reasons you chose to be together. 

Supporting all couples